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barbapapas meet graniph

Posted in 1, Watched, Web by unliked on April 5, 2010

I grew up with Barbapapas. Barbapapa is the name of the lead character and of a series of books written by the french duo of Annette Tison and Talus Taylor in the seventies. The freeshaping Barbapapa, his beloved Barbamama and their seven very interesting children (my favourite is the furry black Barbabeau!) are together known as the Barbapapas. In their cartoon version, they were my Sunday morning lifeline on Indian television back in the 80’s. All I ever wished for back then was to be like Barbapapa, assuming any shape I wished to suit my small missions across the garden, the neighbour’s backyard and whatever terrain defied my small frame. So when I learnt of graniph’s new collaboration with Barbapapas, celebrating 40 years of world saving blob-ism, I screamed in sheer barbapapesque joy!

Sadly, graniph’s range of 12 designs is only available in Japan, and so I guess I shall just head over to e-bay and wait a while.¬† Anything for Barbapapas!


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