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of air and sophie and xavier veilhan

Posted in 1, Web by unliked on April 16, 2010

Air is one of my favourite bands of all time and when I first looked at the cover for their album ‘Pocket Symphony’, it excited me to see that it featured miniature figurines of Jean-Benoit Dunckel and Nicolas Godin, the band themselves. The figurines seemed to be made in stereolithography, a process I was also exploring at the time in my design of jewellery.

It was only later I came across the work of Xavier Veilhan and realised that it was indeed stereolithography. I also learnt that Xavier Veilhan was no ordinary man. He created many such objects and figures of various scales using a variety of processes. My favourite pick from his work is Sophie, the yellow lady who now spends her time on two levels of the Parisian restaurant Germain. The interiors are by India Mahdavi and you can see the making of Sophie at Xavier’s website here.


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