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twenty days

Posted in 1, Designed by unliked on March 2, 2013

So the 20 under 35 exhibition draws to a close. Its been an exciting twenty days – including the three setup days before the show and the culminating ‘walk/talk’ by each studio talking of their work and visions. Here are some pictures of what we put up, designed specially for the space at the Galerie Romain Rolland at the Alliance Francaise de Delhi. Our main idea for the structure was to derive the entire exhibit through an optimum usage of 4 PVC foamboard (sunboard) panels. And of course to ensure that we could put everything into a car, setup within a few hours and dismantle in minutes. No nails, tape or screws. Success!



Of-course the more interesting part has been showcasing our work to the public and to the other 19 participating designers and studios. The numerous views, opinions, critique and sometimes downright appreciation has been a rare and valuable reflection we seldom come in contact with. Its been a pleasure and of course we would like to thank Mr. Iftekhar Mulk Chishti and the entire team at designXdesign and Alliance Francaise Delhi for conceptualising the show and keeping it going year after year.



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