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hiroshima appeals

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Came upon this beautiful piece at the Contemporary Japanese Posters exhibition in the city today. The designer of this poster Yusaku Kamekura with illustrator Akira Yokoyama have managed to very successfully capture a feeling of the moment that cannot be described in words alone. In that sense, it is a true poster and a magnificent piece of communication design.

Having visited Hiroshima alters the way you imagine the atomic bomb forever. It links you to the place and the incident that holds such importance in world history. The moment of destruction embeds itself in your memory, and August 6th is no ordinary date anymore. That we were to come upon this poster only a day after US president Obama visited Hiroshima is also interesting.

The exhibition Contemporary Japanese Posters is on at the Japan Foundation, New Delhi from May 13 to June 4, 2016. A second part of the same exhibit opens on June 10th to close on July 1st. Many thanks and wishes to the Japan Foundation for bringing this inspiring collection of posters to New Delhi. Poster Design: Yusaku Kamekura, Illustration by Akira Yokoyama


go rubberband

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Boosting our much needed sense of national design pride this month, Indian design brand Rubberband expands its retail wings to Colette in Paris, The Lollipop Shop at London, the Cooper Hewitt Shop at New York and several locations in Switzerland. In focus is Rubberband’s collaboration with graphic artist Anthony Burrill – a set of notebooks in signature Rubberband style complemented with typographic messages by Anthony Burrill. If you haven’t switched to Rubberband yet, now would be a great time to start. #doeverythingyoulove

All photographs courtesy Rubberband and © Rubberband Products

delhi’s super pastry shop

Posted in 1, Spotted by unliked on March 27, 2010

Nobody ever told me about Wenger’s. Like most people who’ve spent a part of their lives in Delhi, I guess I just knew. I also have little idea how long they’ve been using this box with the cherubs graphic; though it shows all the signs of dating back to 1926 when the shop first opened its doors. My current favourite is the Peach Danish, a definite evolution from the countless chocolate eclairs and patties devoured during college in Delhi.

And if you still didn’t know, you can find Wenger’s right next to exit gates 7 and 8 of the Rajiv Chowk metro station in Connaught Place Block A.

automatic for the people

Posted in Spotted by unliked on November 19, 2009

Closeup of a beautiful hand-painted sign on an auto-rickshaw. Someday I want to attend the masters programme at the Indian Institute of Self Made Signpainters!

Hampi, September 2009

rohanta and nandriya

Posted in Spotted by unliked on November 13, 2009


A busy and very interesting half day at the Bangalore book fair resulted in a nostalgic find. Though the National Book Trust’s stall seemed so very quaint, we found the storybook ‘Rohanta and Nandriya’ amidst some other very well illustrated books.

Rohanta and Nandriya by Krishna Chaitanya

ISBN 978-81-237-2939-8

Illustrations by Pranab Chakravarty

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